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To keep away from instrument harm, the utmost dynamic deformation was restricted to 40% of the pattern thickness. The invention pertains to a method for figuring out the suitability of a cloth as infillดูผลบอลภาษาไทย/ material in artificial turf fields. From these outcomes it follows that supplies 2, three, four, 5 and 6 do not have the required dynamic modulus and/or tan δ worth and thus only for this reason usually are not appropriate as infill material. Further it appears that materials 7 and 8 though assembly the requirement for modulus and tan δ, after the take a look at are so compacted that they don't circulate as the unique powder or granules from the sample holder but to a big extent and even completely have been formed into a compact cake. For this reason these materials, no less than within the examined type, do not qualify as appropriate infill material. The amount of impression is decided by the force utilized and the visco-elastic properties of the fabric.

The take a look at method according to the invention can also be utilized to a sample of a subject, containing all the above-mentioned elements. Method according to any considered one of claims 1 to 12, further comprising the step of choosing a cloth having at 1Hz and room temperature as tan δ a worth of between 0.19 and zero.36 and as dynamic modulus Ed a price between 0.5 MPa and a pair of.0 MPa and wonderful flow retention. Method according to any one of claims 1 to four, wherein the dynamic force is chosen within the range from 10 to 90 % of the static force. Method in accordance with claim 1, wherein as relevant parameters a minimum of the dynamic modulus, the tangent of the phase angle and the circulate retention are measured. However, these values aren't limiting to the applicability of the measurement technique according to this invention but simply reflect the choice criteria discovered to match with the current requirements for synthetic turf fields. E.g. a stamp plate, exerting the pressure, which actually would minimize back the quantity of pattern subjected to the forces.

In the next the phrases force and stresses or impression and pressure could also be used alternatively, the relation being clear from the above clarification. Its function is to damp the shocks that ankles and knees of the players may suffer once they run and bounce on the field. Further the infill materials will have to have sufficient elasticity in order to give the taking part in ball bouncing traits just like a pure grass field. Method according to any considered one of claims 6 to 9, wherein the forces are imposed by a flat plate having the same shape as the sample holder and fitting inside the cup slidingly or with a clearance of at most 10% of a radius or a largest diagonal of the cup. Method according to any considered one of claims 1 to five, whereby the sample is placed in a pattern holder that limits movement of the pattern in instructions perpendicular to the direction of the dynamic pressure.

Combining these data with the geometry of the testing equipment , and the thickness of the pattern allows characteristics of the pattern to be calculated in a fashion recognized per se. Artificial turf fields for enjoying soccer and other ball games are becoming more and more popular. The two major elements of such fields are artificial grass fibers and infill material, unfold out between the fibers up to a certain a part of their peak. Other parts that might be present are e.g. sand for anchoring the sphere to the ground.

The resulting whole pressure thus lies between the static drive plus and minus the amplitude of the dynamic force. The dynamic drive is imposed with a certain frequency, generally between 0.01 and a hundred Hz. Its waveform could also be deliberately chosen but a sinusoidal kind is very appropriate. The described combination of forces may be utilized with methods known per se for this, e.g. with Dynamic Mechanical Analysis . Instruments for making use of this technique are identified per se and are commercially obtainable. A additional related parameter, aside from these that can be derived from the stress-strain data, and significant for the prediction of the longer time conduct of the examined infill material, was found to be the circulate retention.

The static drive was measured at 1 s intervals, and the static impression tailored automatically, till ten consecutive measurements present a stable static drive of 50±1 N. To keep away from instrument harm, the maximum static deformation is restricted to 60% of the original sample peak. Subsequently a sinusoidal dynamic impression was utilized in order to superimpose a dynamic drive with an amplitude of 25 N (tolerance ±1 N) on the static pressure. Stress and pressure have been measured, and the amplitude of the dynamic impression tailored mechanically, till 10 cycles with a dynamic drive of 25±1 N have been obtained.

The flow retention is outlined right here as the percentage of the mass of the sample particles that flows individually from the sample holder after completion of the check program when the pattern holder is tilted over a hundred and eighty ° with respect to the test position. Flow retention of 75% or more has been discovered representative for a material exhibiting acceptable to glorious longer-term conduct. It appeared that the unique material satisfies the requirement for dynamic modulus and tan δ however after the take a look at formed a compacted cake that did not fall out of the pattern holder when this was held the incorrect method up.

This requirement is technically simply met with a flat-bottomed cup having an periphery and one or more partitions rising perpendicularly from ideally the whole of stated outer edge. Thus a cup is obtained having a continuous sidewall by which the pattern is enclosed when a flat stamp is utilized to the highest of the sample through the open side of the cup opposite to the bottom. The continuous sidewall then prevents the sample from escaping from underneath the stamp. The sidewall is preferably cylindrical but can also be multi-angular and in that case it is ideally rectangular and more preferably square. The amplitude of the dynamic pressure is often chosen throughout the similar vary as the static force but preferably decrease than the static force, ideally between 10 and ninety %, extra ideally between 10 and 75% of the static force. With this instrument the combination of the momentarily imposed force and the corresponding impression is measured and often recorded for further analysis, e.g. via Fourier evaluation.

Consequently, optimal ranges for both the dynamic modulus and the loss tangent may be outlined to imitate the precise requirements set by the soccer affiliation. Preferably the dynamic drive is imposed on the sample with a quantity, e.g. a least three, e.g. 8 steps per decade, of frequencies in the defined frequency range. Advantageously these frequencies are, evenly on a logarithmic scale, unfold over the range. In this fashion the method extra accurately reflects the habits of the infill material beneath the assorted sort of stresses it will expertise in apply. E.g., the drive exerted by a operating individual has a different frequency sample than a bouncing ball. The number of steps per decade is chosen in order to find the frequency vary in which the response to the forces is smooth and gradually, i.e. with out peaks or upswings because of experimental artifacts.

The entire is laid upon a functional underground, that additionally may contribute to the entire performance of the field. Method according to any considered one of claims 1 to three, wherein the static pressure is chosen within the range imposing a static stress on the pattern from 10 to 80 kPa. Smaller and larger forces can be used but preferably the static drive is chosen similar to the required strain ranges. Method according to declare 1 or 2, whereby the dynamic drive on the sample is imposed consecutively with numerous frequencies inside said vary. An analogous relationship exists between the ensuing impression and the strain, the pressure being the impression divided by the thickness of the sample. Thus, the drive and the impression are absolute values, expressed in N and mm, whereas the stress and the pressure are the ensuing pattern measurement impartial values, expressed in Pa and %.

Evaluation of the data then could be based on the values obtained at one level inside mentioned frequency range. Another benefit of applying the forces over a broad range of frequencies will turn into obvious later on this description when an additional decisive parameter, the circulate retention, is discussed. As a first step a static impression was utilized so as to acquire a static drive of 50 Newtons with a tolerance of ±1N.

Using these measurement circumstances the applied static stress equals about 27 kPa, and the applied dynamic stress amplitude about 14 kPa, which is throughout the defined optimum ranges. The move retention as outlined below have to be a minimum of acceptable but preferably is excellent based on the criteria given beneath. At this point it is pointed out that there may be a relation between the imposed drive and the stress on the take a look at pattern, this stress being the pressure divided by the world on which the pressure is exerted. The value and amplitude of the pressure to be utilized can be calculated from the desired stress to be put on the pattern and the world of the stamp that is used to impose the force.